Magical Christmas markets in Zurich – Switzerland

26.10. – 29.10.2019  │ Switzerland  │ Abroad

The visit to Switzerland was short. It preceded our trip to Mexico and Zurich was actually just a transfer station. But even such a short visit was enough to realize that the most beautiful Christmas markets are right here. Not in Germany or Austria (as I incorrectly wrote about it in the previous article), but indeed in Switzerland. If someone says something else, then I think, that someone have never been to Switzerland. Amazing atmosphere, huge number of stalls, great food and beautifully decorated streets is only part of what makes local markets truly the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. Christmas mood is felt all around you. If I had to choose from all the places I had ever visited before Christmas, then it would be Switzerland that best, in my opinion, captures the true atmosphere of Christmas. And Christmas has always been, is and will be mainly about the right atmosphere.

Several photos