Christmas markets in Vienna and a long weekend in Moravia

5.12. – 8.12.2019  │ Austria  │ Czechia  │ Abroad  │ Interesting place of the CZ

Christmas markets have a long tradition in Europe. The tradition of Christmas markets was born in the Middle Ages, and from Germany and Austria then spread to many other places. Over time, markets have become an integral part of Christmas traditions. The Christmas markets basically start Christmas. The most beautiful, but at the same time most visited are the Christmas markets in Dresden, Salzburg and Vienna. And we must not forget the amazing markets in Prague.

The history of the markets in Vienna even dates back to 1294. Vienna markets are really beautiful, probably one of the most beautiful in the world. But this carries one negative; and there are a lot of people who visit them. Especially during weekends, when a huge number of people cannot reach some places. It is much better to choose one of them outside the weekend days and then enjoy the markets. We did and we did well.

In addition to the markets in Vienna, we also visited Christmas markets in Moravia, which of course cannot match the Vienna markets. But the so-called Christmas magic has at least a bit of each. And that's so beautiful about them.