Fiji – exotic paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

31.8. – 6.9.2019  │ Fiji  │ Abroad  │

I wrote about what led us to visit this beautiful island in the article about New Zealand. The main reason was that we were in this region of the world (meaning Southwest Oceania) for the first time, and Fiji seemed the best for travel novices like us. And we did well.

Fiji is a wonderful paradise with beautiful endless long white beaches. Cyan blue water adds to this impression. Although the most visited islands in Fiji are its two largest islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, plus a few smaller ones, the entire Fiji consists of an incredible 322 islands and islets of varying size, shape and geological origin. Many of them are of volcanic or coral origin. Fiji is located in an area of tropical humid climate, and although it can be visited almost any time of the year, in the period from November to April, when it rains most heavily, the islands face abundant cyclones.

In addition to the amazing sea, we were most impressed by the locals. The population in Fiji is divided into the original Fiji, who are the half-breed of Polynesian and Melanesia ancestors, and the Indofijian, who are descendants of workers brought to the British islands in the 19th century. A small percentage are Rotumans, native to the Rotuma Islands, whose culture has much more to do with countries like Tonga or Samoa than with the rest of Fiji. There are also small but economically significant groups of Europeans, Chinese and other minorities. Relations between the Fiji and Indofijians have been distorted since colonial times, causing tensions between the two communities that dominated recent politics. However, this does not change the fact that the locals treat guests and guests great and incredibly respectful.

Our greatest experience, apart from the amazing sea, was a visit to Robinson Crusoe Island where local dancers showed us a traditional historical dance and fire show. The show was really great and thanks to it this show belongs to one of those unforgettable experiences that one remembers your whole life.

Fiji and I think that virtually the entire Melanesia region where Fiji falls by its location, as well as the surrounding regions, i.e. Polynesia and Micronesia, is without exaggeration one of the most beautiful places in the world and I recommend everyone to visit it and take away experiences and memories of all life.

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