Giant Mountains – Špindlerův Mlýn, Labská bouda, High Plains, Snow Pits

15.8. – 18.8.2019  │ Czechia  │ Poland  │ Interesting place of the CZ  │ Abroad

There are a huge number of beautiful places in the Czech Republic. One of them is our highest mountain range – Giant Mountains. The Giant Mountains are relatively long (approx. 35 km) and it is hardly possible to go through the whole weekend. During the weekend, we visited part of the area above Špindlerův Mlýn, specifically the area between Medvědín, Labská bouda and Śnieżne Kotły, respectively High Plains located on the Polish side of the Giant Mountains.

Labská bouda is a private hotel in the Giant Mountains, in the first zone of the Karkonosze National Park. The hotel is located at an altitude of 1340 meters on the Elbe Meadow. A few hundred meters from the shed there is the Elbe spring.

The High Plains is a mountain in the Giant Mountains, situated on the Czech-Polish border on the Western Silesian Ridge between Vysoké Kolo and Violík, about 7 km NW from Špindlerův Mlýn. On the Polish side of the peak stands the Transmitter of the Snowy Pits, probably the most interesting building on the ridges of the Giant Mountains. The Czech peak of the High Plains (the highest point of this area on the Czech territory) is located southwest of the building of the transmitter at 1490 m above sea level. The highest point at the altitude of 1497 m is the peak of the rock Krakonoš's pulpit, already on the Polish side, right next to the building of the transmitter.

Snowy pits (German Schneegruben, Polish Śnieżne Kotły) are huge glacial slopes on the northern and eastern slopes of the High Plains on the Silesian side of the Giant Mountains. The pit on the northern slope is called Small Snow Pit (Mały Śnieżny Kocioł in Polish), it is 550 m long, 400 m wide and 300 m deep. The pit on the eastern slope is the Great Snow Pit (Wielky Śnieżny Kocioł in Polish) and is 800 m long, 600 m wide and 300 m high. At its bottom are glacial lakes Śnieżne Stawki.

There are many places in the Czech Republic that are definitely worth a visit and this is, I think, just one of them.

Several photos