Flight in airplane Zephyr

20.7.2019  │ Czechia  │ Sport  │ Reportage  │ Interesting place of the CZ

The flight in a small two-seat ultralight Zephyr was a great experience for us. Initial fears of how it would be and how and what one would feel when flying in such a small aircraft were ignited as soon as the aircraft detached from the ground. Views of the surrounding landscape, views that a person from the ground can hardly imagine and a quiet flight in the hands of an experienced pilot left us with the impression that we will be very happy if we can repeat something similar in the future.

The ATEC 122 Zephyr is a two-seat, ultra-light, aerodynamically controlled, self-supporting low-wing, mixed-wing low-wing aircraft with a solid three-wheel landing gear. Over 70 pieces of this type of aircraft are successfully operated in many countries of the world.