4.7. – 7.7.2019  │ Netherlands  │ Abroad

The Netherlands, a country that I have only known from the airport so far, since Amsterdam has been many times a transfer point for our trips to other destinations, was a pleasant surprise for me. I do not know whether the richness of any country can only suggest that as taxis are used extensively Tesla or Mercedes and that accommodation is especially in the center of Amsterdam really expensive. But even if this was not the case, this country still seemed very rich to me. Compared to our recent visit to France, notwithstanding the above, I would certainly like to return here, unlike France. There were many things that led me to this conclusion. Perhaps the most important aspect was undoubtedly food. I know it sounds strange, but when I compare food in the Netherlands and France, even if we can't believe it, the difference was huge. Other things that attribute positive points to the Netherlands were, for example, great local train traffic, points of interest (eg windmills at the Open Air museum Zaanse Schans), comfort on the coast in The Hague, but also unusual and largely incomprehensible in Amsterdam itself. And last but not least, it is just a little bit from the Czech Republic. And we have seen very little of what the Netherlands is worth visiting over the three days. And that's why we will be happy to come back here sometime.

Several photos