Devil Heads, Rock Castle Sloup, Šaunštejn Castle, Mariina rock, Panská rock

18.8.2018  │ Czech Republic  │ Interesting place of the CZ

I already wrote in the previous article that there are many wonderful places in the Czech Republic. You can look around your home, and you can find such places countless. And we have visited several of them with our friends from Peru. They were the rocky reliefs of the Devil Heads above the village Želízy in the Mělník district; the Rock Castle Sloup in the Česká Lípa district; the defunct Šaunštejn Castle located 1 km north of the village of the Vysoká Lípa; the Mariina rock above the village Jetřichovice; and the National Nature Monument Panská rock in the Prácheň district. Details of these locations you can found, for example, on Wikipedia.