Janov nad Nisou, Bedřichov Water Reservoir and Bozkov Dolomite Caves

20.7. – 22.7.2018  │ Czech Republic  │ Interesting place of the CZ

The Czech Republic has many beautiful places. It is not always necessary to go to the other end of the world to discover something interesting and nice. Such amazing places may be surprisingly located "a short distance from your house" and you do not even know that they exist. For example, the Bedřichov Water Reservoir, the Bozkov Dolomite Caves, and the surrounding area of Janov nad Nisou belongs to these amazing places.

Bedřichov Water Reservoir, also called the Bedrichov Dam (German Friedrichswalder Talsperre) or the Černá Nisa Dam, is the highest situated dam of the Jizera Mountains. The dam is situated in a forest valley of the Black Neisse River (Černá Nisa) near Bedřichov. Its crown is located at an altitude of 775.26 meters above sea level; the dam is 340 meters long and 23.5 meters high.

Bozkov Dolomite Caves are located in Železnobrodská vrchovina at an altitude of 425 to 485 meters above sea level; 1 km north of Bozkov village in the Liberec region, in the Semily district. It is the largest cave system in northeastern Bohemia and the only one is made of calcium dolomite. Since 1999, the caves have been a national natural monument. The first cave spaces were discovered in 1947 after a limestone blast in a local small quarry. Nowadays, about 1070 m of underground space is known, of which approximately 350 m of corridors are accessible to people.