Carlsbad and vicinity, SOOS National Nature Reserve near Franzensbad, Kynžvart Castle and Park Boheminium Marianske Lazne

27.10. – 30.10.2016  │ Czech Republic  │ Interesting place of the CZ

Carlsbad is a statutory town in western Bohemia and the metropolis of Karlovy Vary. The population in the city is about 50,000 and covers an area of 59.10 square kilometers. It is important spa resort with the famous glass and food industries. It is the most visited spa town in the Czech Republic. There are plenty of sights and attractions in the city or its surroundings, for example churches, chapels and observatories. Carlsbad is known for its colonnades and the healing mineral springs.

Soos National Nature Reserve is a unique nature reserve located north of Franzensbad. National Nature Reserve was declared in 1964, its area is 221 ha. The word "Soos" means in cheb-german dialect, "swamp". Educational, 1.2 km long trail leads along wooden walkways at the bottom of a salt lake. Lake have created from the shells of diatoms. And later there was a European rarity – the so-called diatomite shield. Now the lake is a vast peat bogs and fens with mineral echoes of volcanic activity in the form of so-called unique mofetta (which are bursts of dry carbon dioxide a temperature less than 100 ° C (typically 20-30 ° C) from the cracks of the earth's surface), the which bubbling CO2; there are also mineral springs, for example the most famous Imperial Spring. Thanks to late volcanic activity, peat and other effects, the landscape in this reservation looks like out of this world and not in Central Europe.

Kynžvart Castle is situated in western Bohemia, south of the town of Lazne Kynzvart, about 20 kilometers southeast of Cheb. It is primarily known as the former summer residence of the Austrian chancellor Klemens von Metternich. It is owned by the state (managed by the National Heritage Institute) and is accessible to the public.

Boheminium Park is a tourist educational-cognitive park on the eastern outskirts of Marianske Lazne. It lies at an altitude of 750 meters on a hillside Zadubske hills, about 1 kilometer from the city center, near the Krakonos hotel and restaurant Levada. It leads to the funicular is located near the terminal station and municipal bus lines. Its area is less than 6 hectares and every year it is visited by approximately 100,000 visitors. It offers an exhibition of more than 60 thumbnails major Czech monuments, such as castles and observation towers.